How it Works

In this website you will be able to buy top of the line shower enclosures, smart mirrors and installation services. 

To buy a shower enclosure:

1) Select the model you would like to buy.

2) Enter the dimensions you need the shower enclosure to be.

3) Select your payment method. If you choose to pay with credit card, the payment will be processed immediately. If you choose to pay upon delivery, you must provide a crew member with the full payment during the measurement appointment.

4) Set a date for the measurement appointment. The measures you entered into the system while ordering must be verified by one of our experts before fabrication starts.

5) Provide payment if the payment option was set to pay upon delivery.

6) Schedule your installation appointment the day of the measurement. Between the day of measurement and installation there must be at least 2 weeks since fabrication takes 2 weeks.

7) Enjoy your beautiful showers and smart mirrors! :)